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Victoria Harper spent 5 years in an online dating relationship with Matthew McHenry. But after a torturous time waiting to meet, the time had finally come for the two star-crossed lovers to meet. Will their first meeting be the love that couldn’t wait, or a big waste of time?
Schemes? Revenge? Lies? Coverups? Will relationships last in L.A.? Who will sleep with who?
“I wasn’t planning on this. Falling in love with you was the last thing I wanted. Because I know our time would have to come to an end. As I reflect on the last few months of this whirlwind romance, I am begging you not to turn the page on our time together.”
Claire Higgins, a 24-year-old woman, tired of dating nothing but creeps, decides to give up on dating. But her bestie, Alyvia Jennings, entices her to try an online dating site. Giving it a try, she makes an online dating profile and meets what seems to be the “perfect man”, in ...
Travis Welland can’t finish his story and he has a deadline to meet. He decides he needs a change of scenery and heads to the airport where he finds himself in the gorgeous country of Ireland. As he takes in the sights, he finds inspiration to finish his book as well as a romance ...
The wedding of Navy SEAL Charles Buchanan and socialite Ashleigh Crimson begins and the bride is nowhere to be found. Did the bride leave on her own, or did something else happen? And will the groom find his bride-to-be?
Alisha Thompkins falls head-over-heels in love with the new guy, Hadley Jamison, at school. But due to competition from her best friend, Chelsea Grimes, Alisha does the only thing she knows and backs down. As Hadley and Chelsea grow closer, Alisha watches from the sidelines. But wh...
You sing at a karaoke singoff at your local tavern and someone from your past joins in...............
What happens when you set a date with someone you met at your local grocery store...then you spill the beans about something shocking from your past?
JJ Devereaux and Lani Price are set to marry before Lani’s baby is born,when JJ’s not-so-dead girlfriend suddenly pops up in Salem to expose Lani’s secret. Will the secret bring JJ and Paige closer together? And Theo is back in Salem after rehabilitation, only to discover his ...
As the summer winds down, romances are still sizzling, but will they last?
Relationships are back on track after a sizzling summer, but who will last and who will break up?
Meredith Rogers was a bored housewife looking for an adventure, but she never anticipated the adventure she would get when the ghost of Elvis Presley visited her one night. The adventures he took her on were more than a wild ride. It was love at first sight. Soon, no man could comp...
Bold and the Beautiful romances on the rocks: will they persevere or fizzle out
Romance is alive in Genoa City: but will they last?
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