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The Character is more a dream than anything else. It entrtains and makes the reader think.The book is one of the greats of literature and has stood the test of time
I love cars and own a mustang in UAE and semi luxury cars in India like BMW and Skoda
Ooooooooooh, Afrikaners are just so evil, the most evil of all being their white skins!!! How dare they be so pretty and light coloured and have seen any practicality in "Apartheid"??? Feel ashamed ye Afrikaner wonderhuman, for the world media tells you you are eeeeevilllll!! Feel ...
A romantic interlude a decade back has come alive with a presentation of rare scotch from the American woman who was my love.
They fought for the Confederacy, then after the war, they fought their way back—all the way to the US Supreme Court. Who were these men that served both their countries?
Rob Roy was, unlike many other legends, a real person acquiring his status by raiding Lowland laird's or lowland land owners and very much outside the law thereby gaining the title "outlaw" he ranks with the likes of Robin Hood, King Auther, Guy Fawkes Sir William Wallace and Robert ...
Fifty-Eight years ago this month at the tender age of seventeen years I made the transition from schoolboy to schoolteacher.
A biography of Michael Keaton, who achieved great success starring in "Batman" and earned an Oscar nomination for "Birdman."
The US Supreme Court was created in 1789. So far, 112 men and women have served as Justices and each is unique in his/her own way, but here's my pick for the top five.
This could be something huge or just something small
We all know that content is the foremost thing to attract and engage target audiences and it plays a crucial role in gaining high search engine rankings.
A biography of actor Carroll O'Connor, who won four Emmys and became a television icon for his role as Archie Bunker on "All In the Family."
A biography of legendary actor Harrison Ford, who has been named the greatest movie star of all time.
One incident of sailing with Arab girls in a burkha and bikini is in my mind and remains afond rememberence.
This is a little piece on how I got started as a freelance writer.
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