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A suicide is a certainty. People pontificate “suicide is a coward’s act”, couldn’t be further from the truth. But suicide takes tremendous courage that gets instigated by an overwhelming, unbearable emotional pain.
Sometimes we pray that we can return to our first true love but life makes it impossible. If it is true love, then you will give unto it selflessly and think no more of yourself.
Survival of Myths- ala- Modernally Of Rebirth...Magnificent myth...No one has ever been reborn..Yes similar avatars/incarnations may be...Join in contribute your view f you are just a follower... IGNORE....If you are staunch IGNORE others read SMILE and carry on
Here's an abstract spiritual poem. Roses With Feathers came to me during a moment of meditation. It sat for a while before God gave me something to put with the title from His Spirit.
Here's a spiritual warfare poem of faith and identify. Two of the devil's main targets of mankind. Enjoy.
Here's a short spiritual motivational/inspirational poem.
Here's an abstract spiritual poem of original design. Another one. Glory to God. May you enjoy.
An abstract spiritual warfare poem of truth and life. War, but not war in it's more familiar form, but spiritual and lyrical war. I shall destroy all word curses that are hindering the fruit of my labor. Obsessively.
This story sells itself by inference as it goes along and relies for its context upon the clues scattered within its generalities and has as its bearing the vagaries of the human condition in confluence with life as it flows and so should not be mistaken for anything else but what you...
How Miss Hamilton taught us the art of life; how she laid emphasis on the personal and social aspects of education and how so concerned she was about us. She wore the mask of a strict teacher just for our welfare.
This is a true story of my life and one of my first college pieces.
The Introduction and the first two chapters to an old novella I hope to now finish.
How to choose gifts for friends and family during the Holiday season.
Pondering the mind. How a mere click on the internet can discharge a volley of memories.
The winter of solitude was cold indeed. If it wasn't for the warmth of the sun that following spring well that is another story, isn't it.
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