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This article attempts to seek an intelligent insight for the integrated approach towards major religions. Its objective is to encourage one on path of spiritual growth.
In this article, I have endeavoured to decipher the hermetic background behind the teachings and traditions of the great religion of Islam. Here, I have tried to convey the more complex philosophies in a lucid style of writing.
The prevalent religions of the modern times have mostly received their traditions and wisdom from the ancient theologies. Here an attempt is made to decipher common-points in the histories of their formations.
The second in my "Twin Tower Power and Impotence of 9/11" series of articles
Life is a wonderful thing if you come from altitude not attitude...your choices predicate which way you will go and what sort of life you will/do lead...it all comes back to you...blaming others for misfortunes is a most ridiculous way anyone to go...enjoy
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