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Talking about my favorite American Football Team (Oakland Raiders)
Names like “Redskins” and “Indians” have outlived their appropriateness. Teams using such names should accept the challenge of coming up with contemporary 21st century names that aren’t so controversial and offensive.
American Football, far different from its distant cousins Rugby and Soccer, is one of the most popular games in the USA. It sure is also an odd ball of a game.
A profile of Todd Bowles, the new head coach of the New York Jets.
A profile of Jack Del Rio, the new head coach of the Oakland Raiders.
A profile of Gary Kubiak, the new head coach of the Denver Broncos.
A profile of Rex Ryan, the new head coach of the Buffalo Bills.
To be a serious game where you play well and without thinking that someone like him will bring team that never relies will be, that to be sure you do not have to go in one ear.
I will never forget the Saturday Night Massacre...the night we learned our beloved Dallas Cowboys had been sold and that our highly esteemed coach had been fired.
In this article, I review the top college football games in week 10 that performed very well.
The Arizona Cardinals announced on Sunday their starting quarterback will be Carson Palmer. Palmer has recovered from nerve damage to his right shoulder this week.
Parent are worried about their children playing football. They think it's unsafe and worried about concussions.
Quarterbacks are not simply given the title elite, they must earn it. Find out which players are the top three quarterbacks in the NFL.
Troy Aikman is highly esteemed in Texas..one town took it a step further.
It's a shame that Tim Tebow doesn't have a football contract. But, I am sure glad he is gaining some celebrity status.
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