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Could males be the dispensable sex? There are 30 species of animals that seem to love to dine on their mates. Female sexual cannibalism is far more common than that of males. In our world of frozen sperm and embryos, will males someday be deemed dispensable?
My experience has taught me that it is not uncommon to receive calls from strangers or stalkers in India making lewd remarks. Young girls often are a victim of this obscenity. When I was younger, I often would just feel scared, anxious and ashamed. I was fearful of reporting to anyone...
Ganymede was not gay Considered to be the most beautiful of mortals. Son of Troy, abducted by Jupiter, who had transformed himself as an eagle to take him to the heavens. Who now sits by his side giving him water whenever he’s thirsty? A houseboy.
Venus, the epitome of femininity, beauty, love, and yes, SEX. We all desire Venus, we all want to be like Venus, we all want Venus.
There are times when we are very young that we place our trust into people who really don't deserve our reliance or trust. Parents attempt to teach their children the rights and wrongs of behavior, but what happens when another family member tricks a youngster into doing something the...
In Greek Mythology we have Mars the god of War. Mars is probably the only god that did not have a gay lover. Most men want to be like Mars, strong, virile, and with much stamina. They try, but few succeed.
Writing gay characters when, Men are straight, women can be bi, and gays and lesbians are just gays and lesbians.
The author questions and discusses whether or not there is genuine gender inequality in America today. This article was published in its original form on Yahoo! News in January 2014.
Sex and drug addiction has the same brain activity as far as the research studies are concerned. These patients need medications.Others become sex addict due to exposure of pornography. Drug addicts become addicted to illegal drugs due to abuse.These activities are not normal.Experts ...
Masturbation is no myth. Sex is one ones self, mind and to play with ones body is absolutely personal and ones own self finding solution as to how to release tension ---sexual and mental by sex and meditation.It is also experienced that those men who sex /masturbate, save their pros...
Victims of sexsomnia feel as though they are sleeping with the enemy. This abnormality in the brain stimulates arousal mechanisms, causing episodes or breaks in sleep. Aggressive in nature, sexsomnia is a serious disorder.
Few social media users are influenced by the political content found on sites like Facebook and Twitter , a study suggests .
Sex before marriage endangers the future of such marriage and depleted the confidence of a relationship, once a couple have had illicit sex, they look at each other with contempt, guilt and low self esteem. For marriage to succeed there must be chastity and self-control.
There are many females all over the world who are suffering a lot due to inhuman treatment by the opposite sex. This dedication is an eye opener for those males who never think before hurting true sentiments of a girl.
Standard disclaimer says I have a very different lifesstlye and view on love. if you don't like it , dont' read it. I wrote this some time ago when I first began relationship with my subbie.. She was the experienced one. i was to prove the innovative one but specifically in those ...
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