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Mother and Father have asked me for days if I'd like to go with them on Sunday to Uncle Dawsey and Auntie Saffy. Aunty Saffy is Father's mother's sister. I had such resistance in me. I was almost angry at them. But why though?
Father and I have a very good diplomatic relationship. But that is simply not good enough for Mother.
Father, Mother and I drive down for two days to Cape Town with the surprize cars we're going to deliver to Petros and Elly.
Oh for goodness sake, what is this we hear now? Auntie Marienne, the woman who is suffering from Steele Richardson Olszewski disease, who falls over and injures herself all the time, so we moved her to a flat where they have help on standby at the push of a button, seems the subject ...
During breakfast this morning, Mother announces that Petros is coming this afternoon, and I must make him feel welcome.
After coming from Studio C this morning, Mother and I find Father working on getting breakfast ready. He's just returned from his aeroplane factory where, now that Petros is here, he is joined by Petros in his efforts.
Louisa May Alcott was a writer who died young, but enriched English literature with novels of everyday life.
Suddenly Marzeus remembers something. Waldorf had a cat who regularly has babies. Perhaps he still has her, in spite of the fact that Knabbit has killed many of his pet cats too. Maybe he'd have one that is lactating? It's worth a shot.
I will write about my story , about my depression that allmost killed me .
My father was very important in my life. I like to think, that I am a lot like him. He was a creative, kind, giving man. I cherished the time that I had with him. I see him in my son, through the things my son loves to do and the way my son treats other people.
This story was written in 2006 and reflects upon how I hate to wait for anything. I had to wait for my french courses back then,
mothers day memories and musings about dark thoughts, golden light and impermanence
My daughter Petra got married to the love of her life Simon, on 5th April 2014 and it was truly a momentous day for me and the rest of my family. I had to write a speech, as I was the Mother of the bride. I had to write 2 speeches in the end, as I forgot the original speech at home an...
This is the concluding part of the series: “The Other Half.” War of attrition and the struggle for superiority in marriage is basically the problem of inflated ego. Happiness in marriage can be achieved by making small sacrifices readily and cheerfully.
This is the first part of the series: “The Better Half.” It underlines the importance of making small sacrifices readily and cheerfully for promoting happiness and harmony in marital life.
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