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“No, that’s it. That’s all I wanted.” The clerk quadruple-checks, tight in his J.C. Penny– No cookie, no love, no mas… “She wants to work there, she does, but she has a career…”
This Is about a little red Fox that she was going to see some one.
The Devils’ Playground …I recall I was reclined on the deck of the upper floor of the ship; I was looking up at the clouds in the sky; and just as the ship was bypassing the commons of Pelagos of Crete Island, a baby girl was born… Fotinie Antzaklis, 1922
Surpassin Thai chow mein. Flung into marble with wood accents, most of it black. Streaks… This is my bloc, this is my function. Las I check… She was grippin that pillow like… Square sto, wee hor… Elevated glor–
Very nice story of the three bears that live in a forest, if you love these old kids tales well, look at this. muh ha ha ha ha ha.
A new Paul Bunyan fable. Paul solves the problem of what to do with nuclear waste.
This is one for the girls...an upbeat, present day 're-write' of one of the best fairy tales ever told...read on to find out more.
A short story written a long time ago about an adventure they embark upon together.
Stray with me into a land of make believe where only happiness and caring dwell yet it really is all around us if we will look and see. In the meantime enjoy this quite sweet piece...one of the loving that always goes on....
All would be right with the kingdom, if the King would listen. A thoughtful fairy tale.
Most folk believe there is only one planet with life upon...Mother Earth but there are many universes...over 101 in all and they go on twirling around...just as we as souls have inhabited many bodies here...there...everywhere..some might find this hard to digest but it still goes on....
A groom is helped by a Gnome but soomn he will discovers that his order is going to change
Its a clue to what people think inside when faced with trying to survive.
This poen speaks about the experience of a teacher among the school staff. just because she belongs to christian family.
Nursery rhymes are fun to tell especially when you know they oft contain a message hidden inside. I just broke the egg open and this is what came about...enjoy if you will and if you don't...too bad...
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