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Water... There are times and places you want to see water, and times and places you don't!
Seriously, sometimes servants are like children. Literally. They don't think, they don't plan ahead, they don't realize that things cost money, and they don't mind being wasteful. Oh, Master will always provide, right? Why should they worry about anything? Their employer is a bottomle...
We have often seen, experienced a bond that is formed when you communicate in the language of the person with whom you are talking to. It emanates empathy towards the other person. This forges great friendships and bonhomie. I experienced the same when I took effort to reach out to th...
Over lunchtime, Duggles comes to call me. He says there's a cow that has a problem with its horn. The cows are really Uncle Gus' department, but he's gone to The Land Of The West with Mother and Father.
Water, water, everywhere, but nobody feels like drinking it. Except a few thirsty animals. But I digress. Yep, sometimes nature decides that it wants to take a good long shower and bath. Is it to clean itself? Or is it just a random thing that just happens?
I first published this touching story of an England-based Iranian's 40 years search for his long lost love in December 2010. It seems that little has changed for him since then.
Father stops at the gas station to fill up his Jeep. Some time ago, the Jeep that long ago used to be Mother's, that they sold to Elize and her husband, came back to Father when Elize and her husband sold it back to them again.
People are running to build as much infrastructure as possible inside their houses. However, once items like fans, refrigerators, washing machines, airconditioners etc., are purchased, they pay least attention to them and sometimes the old items are becoming death traps.
In the land of the West, a hard goodbye greeted Uncle Gus and Aunt René. They had been living on Father's farm in the land of the West for ten years now, looking after it and maintaining it.
This is a true story of a rather disturbing event that happened to me at a grocery store. It might make you roll your eyes, but is a great example of mindless customer service and how some cashiers become zombie like in their actions.
The events around one period of my life in South Georgia
Marzeus notices the bowl with the rotting soup. Right next to it is the one with milk, also decomposing. "No Majesty, don't eat that now!", he says to Majesty who has gone over to the bowls which had long been filled for Roger, the cat that is no longer living there.
First thing in the morning, Marzeus and Majesty make their way to Studio Art. As soon as the door is open, Majesty runs inside to be the first to see the new strange creature that has come into their lives.
This is the story of My Mother's life, as written by her, about 35 yrs ago. I transcribed it, but it is pretty much just the way she wrote it. It is a story of hardship, struggle and perseverance. It reveals some personal information that some in my Family would rather not be public...
It's hard to apologize, it's harder to forgive and It's hardest when It's time to let go
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