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An allegory of the previous relationship I shared with a beautiful but toxic "lady".I hope it can open some eyes to see just how cruel the life of an addict can get.
Funny how an ordinary day can bring you the most extraordinary people...
In a world preoccupied with self, it doesn't hurt to think about somebody else for a change. Humility in the face of pride and haughtiness shows character. Stick by what you know about the Lord. Regardless, of how your circumstances look.
This is a true story of when I died. I know it sounds far-fetched but it actually happened to me and left me scarred for life.
In the modern world, cameras are watching our every move. That is the bad news; the good news is that some people are glad they are.
A Tigress was Bayoneted by a brave Sikh of the Indian army and thus established a world record
This is the story based on the actual events happened with me.
Elephants have always been the biggest (no pun intended) draw for me at circuses and zoos. They always seem to be such gentle giants, but appearances can be deceiving.
As one nears the end of one's life, a review of the past can have a liberating effect. Here's a summary of my story.
The AN 32 is aRussian plane and can carry 44 passangers. I was on of the flights that had an engine failure, but I took the control and brought the plane down safely
May he fly around in the heavens forever, my feathered friend, symbol of peace.
What I did today. I visited the historical society in my town/city.
This is basically me telling you why I write. What I am currently writing about.
This story is true but meant to be humorous. It is about my dating experience. I never ran around like the trolls on Wikinut think. I had very few dates with and I was alone for 23 years before I found the love of my live and I have been with him for 16 years now.
Yes, darling. You have to work hard every single day to protect your love from any harm.
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