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“If you have passion and belief, truly anything is possible.”
In today's world we have got this ever increasing problem of stress.more people are fatigued from stress than from their jobs or from their families. here's how you can lead a better life and kick out your stress...
Well i do belive life itself is unpredictable anything can happen butwith a twist..
No one goes through the valley without God permitting it. Sometimes, there's more for you to learn or more things that must be done. Don't shun the tribulations. God may be using you to help others or something.
A brief look at one self-published author's long and arduous journey in designing her own book cover, and what she learned from it.
God works through humans so it would make sense that some humans require others to bring some of His purposes to pass. The Light is one community. We need each other.
it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known.' Please forgive me for using a quote from Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities but it just seemed to fit the occasion so well
Personal Message link to Chapters of my novel, "To Dance with Ugly People.
Personal Message link to Chapters of my novel, "To Dance with Ugly People.
A personal reflection of a life that has had many ups and downs.
More often than not, hobbies are categorized as something completely different from real life career goals and ambitions. The strict programming of our brains does not let us accept the fact that hobbies and what we love can be converted to full time jobs.
Remembering a past love whose memories have stood the test of time
It is very important to choose a topic that speaks to you because every person has their own flare of writing and one needs to capitalize on their style of telling a story. A story is best told when the teller’s inclination is high. Readers love a good story built around even the mo...
A conflict between my conscience and the standards set up by the society
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