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An experience which taught me that sometimes, sweating the small stuff isn’t worth it.
On Saturday we travelled to Worthing in readiness for the UK Southern Book Show, which was being held at the Pavilion Theatre on Sunday. Read on to find out more about it
I recently visited my American family in Charlotte. Read on to find out more about it.
To find out just how hard the art of comedy is, I took part in a stand-up show.
Just a short message of encouragement to those who are struggling with self doubt. As Dr Karl Menninger once said "Attitudes are more important than facts". Even if the situation may look bad, never doubt your ability to survive through it.
A recap of my friends' experiences on their hopeful journeys to becoming celebrities.
The lessons I learnt from starting and eventually closing a business.
I recently had the priviledge to be a part of a coaching team with the aim of finding out how things work. This is my story.
Xenophobia is a terrible thing and affects us in ways we don't realise. This is a story of my first-hand encounter with xenophobia.
My friends and I took on some pro footballers in a match to see if if the average Joe could hold his own.
The story of driving, the South African taxi driver and how they both bring out the worst in other South Africans.
Data science is your wide umbrella under which all the kinds of analysis fit. Data cleansing, manipulation, and also the selection of the form of analysis that has to be done are typical crucial pieces of this data-science foundation.
The need to maintain a fast lifestyle reveals the lengths a person would go.
How my love for football turned into a video game addiction.
Facing problems I initially ran from to become a better person.
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