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My sense of adventure always leads to me to do wild things but this particular time, it led me to pushing my moral boundaries. On this occasion, I went about trying to get a sex worker
A trip to a high-class restaurant leaves less than desired results.
Last Friday I held my home book launch for One Moment of Madness. If you want to know how it went, read on.
A time I got a taste of fame and let it go to my head
Sometimes in life, we think we know better but more often than not, we don't. This is a time I thought I could do a better job than my barber.
I learnt that the key thing with expectations is to lower them so that they can be exceeded. When I met a celebrity, he failed to meet the inch high bar I had.
Knowledge is like a trip in the trip the train stations here and there railway takes you through tunnels and mountains but no final station. Ihe final stop is death. But before riding this train must be motorized traveler some very necessary requirements in his trip.
My latest book will be published on 6th April. Here is an appetite whetner.
With the FIFA World Cup less than three months away, I look back and reminisce on the experience of attending a World Cup match. To the fans going to Russia, I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.
An experience which taught me that sometimes, sweating the small stuff isn’t worth it.
On Saturday we travelled to Worthing in readiness for the UK Southern Book Show, which was being held at the Pavilion Theatre on Sunday. Read on to find out more about it
I recently visited my American family in Charlotte. Read on to find out more about it.
To find out just how hard the art of comedy is, I took part in a stand-up show.
Just a short message of encouragement to those who are struggling with self doubt. As Dr Karl Menninger once said "Attitudes are more important than facts". Even if the situation may look bad, never doubt your ability to survive through it.
A recap of my friends' experiences on their hopeful journeys to becoming celebrities.
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