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The freedom of sex HUMAN AND ANIMAL..Man and women ..and ..Pets was the implication..are all sexually equal ..Mi Lordz Thanks for your clarification Love pets homely ones and now read on
GOD created a man and for him a woman ...God was and is still the ONLY intelligent OMNIPOTENT OMNISCIENT OMNIPRESENT even in the darkness of nights
Poems read by so many on 28 Nov 2017...Hush hush ...We all know silently homos who are mostly
Gayism is not a story born over night They all remained in lockers right now in the open even during pure day light So awaken em ...Gays .. bi's.. lesbians lgbt what!
Genetics is not a root cause of homosexuality, but choice is. DNA is not the factor but rather it is a freely given lifestyle.
Whither I go, whatever sees me, I may run away and I may not.
If the darkness of society was only one... Cognitive Dissonance would be a good way to describe it...
Anaconda vs anaconda ...anaconda vs Anaconda..Hope you all know what tis an anaconda...our males after which are females
Here's a poem of acceptance. We must come to understand what the Christian walk and purpose is all about and embrace. Putting aside fear, indifference and anything else that will stunt growth. Just walk into destiny.
Religious Sex, compromising passion, habit forming sweat
A passage about abuse and Inner pain by an extraordinary young woman who has experienced too much. Here are two very recently conceived offered forth by her editor and champion.
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