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Vanaya McLoughin is tired of her ex-husband’s, Tarrance, drama woe-is-me-pity parties and blaming her for everything that has gone wrong in his life. She decides to put an end to it!
Shanna Reid is immediately thrust into a mystery when she visits her dying grandmother, whose last words to her are to find her treasure. But a mysterious stranger Shanna meets on the flight to her grandmother, is also looking for the treasure. Just who is the stranger and why does ...
This story came to me in dream I had and upon waking up, I wrote the first chapter.
A shy senior is excited about being invited to a hot new party by the hottest guy in school...but what happens when it all goes wrong in a cruel prank....
Camila comes home to find a sword in her ceiling and several holes in her backyard. Yet nothing seems to be taken. After the police are called to investigate, Camila finds an important clue as to who it is? Will Camila tell police, or hide the clue from the police?
Women are turning up dead and one detective is determined to find the killer. But secrets from his past complicate the case. Can the detective solve the case without ruining his career?
Veronica James loved her job as a CNA where she worked at Paradise Hills Retirement Center in her hometown, Paradise Hills, California. She loved all the residents she worked for, but one in particular touched Veronica's heart. When a resident takes a turn for the worse, it breaks V...
What happens when you get a call from a child about a case, but when you arrive at the scene, the house is abandoned?
Partners Barbara Rush and Nolan Diamond are on the verge of cracking the case. They’ve been posing as employees at a high-profile financial firm named MoneyMakers LLC., trying to prove that the CEO, Bryan Questmore, has been ripping customers off. After Barbara and Nolan catch Bry...
A murder happens and Kristie is on the case to figure out whodunnit?
A girl named Lisa Lam suddenly disappeared mysteriously and her parents started searching with the help of police. Were they able to find any clue?
Will a road trip be the girls biggest regret when they pick up a mysterious stranger?
Twins Kristie and Karrie get jobs at the local haunted house in town. Will it be a frightful event?
Kasey, Laurie and Carly decide to take a road trip after graduating from high school before they go off to jobs and college. But when they pick up a mysterious stranger after stopping off to get gas, will the girls regret their decision?
When Sarah Roberts starts a new job as a paralegal at a law in firm in her hometown of Casper, Wyoming, she finds someone leaving cookies on her desk...until one day a different object is left with a note. Who is Sarah's mystery person and what will be Sarah's surprise?
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