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Destroyers. Destroyers are, to me, messengers that thrive on destruction in more than one form. These spirits can hijack souls and consume the unaware leading them into more and more sin. This poem starts the way it does to capture the nature of the spirits and how they perceive. The ...
The book of Genesis in poetry In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth, and the earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep, and God said let there be light and there was light
Sometimes in our lives we have people who have hurt us so bad and tore our hearts apart that we believe it is impossible to forgive. This is just a prayer in times like these to give you a helping hand towards the first step in forgiveness. Forgiveness is possible.
Often times we feel beat up and lonely but I am here to let you know that these are thoughts of lies created to destroy your very being. Stay Encouraged.
These are poems to let people know to stay Encouraged you are never alone.
Easter is nearly upon us once again , and my poem today is a short word about the events that led to our salvation , as planned by God, out of His great love for us .
The first five books of the bible are called the Pentateuch, originally it was one book, comprise of the children of Israel exodus from Egypt to the promise land which in poetic imagery was flowing with milk and honey.
I really pray that whoever reads my poem will respond to it in such a way, that it will change your life for good as you Reach out and receive all that God is offering to you ...
The story of the first part of creation, when God created man in his own image, mankind succumb to the wiles and tricks of Satan, that brought about the fall of Adam and Eve. an event which would eventually lead to exclusion from the garden of Eden.
Here's a poem inspired by the Holy Bible. The Exodus. Praise the Lord. For Light is growth.
It seems hard to believe that someone whose hands were so loving and kind, would suffer so cruelly at the hands of those He died for , but He did , and His hands still reach out today , with love.....
When a priceless diamond is brought out of the darkest earth, a work has to be wrought with it to bring it to its greatest value ...so it is with our souls ....
Easter is the most wonderful time of year to me, as it represents the moment when the God who created the universe came down into this sinful world for such as you ...and me ...
I am sure many are familiar with the words of the song by John Newton ' Amazing Grace ' Well, I love those words because they can speak to each of us in our different circumstances ..... yet , they say the same to each of us ...
Sometimes, it can get hard to pray. Those times when we know what we want to say but can't find the words to do so. The Spirit intercedes.
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