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Dated, but ever actual ratiocinations on the seeming randomness of the universe and fate. Explored old style.
A sneak peek into the psychotic mind of a murderous Father and Husband.
Danny had loved Mia since they were very young children. Thoughts of her dominated his whole life, and he could think of little else. So how could he win her love? Read on to find out more.
In the last March 11, 2011 a major disaster in Japan has just happened. The earthquake that followed the tsunami devastated the building, and destroyed many facilities in the cities in Japan. Not to mention that a lot of who died and gone up until now has not been found.
Poetry about life, tears and how to work together for a better purpose.in life.How to look at challenges with the chin held high.
How a simple haiku poem says it all about Life, death, and all tragedies of this world.
We see dreams for our future.Some of them becomes our passion.And our heart breaks when the dream does not overcome.
Disasters should be viewed as a reminder of the destruction of the world, in which we live and the need for the restoration of our relationship with the Creator. So, if we continually blame God, we may never be more mature and wiser
AirAsia Flight Number QZ8501 tragedy leaves some important questions. One of them: What are the causes of accidents that killed all 162 passengers and crew of a low cost carrier that weather factors or human factors (human error).
What might a New York Police Department approved 'choke hold' and an internationally accepted type of cricket ball-bowled have in common?
10th Oct 2014 was a Black day for us, for we lost our two and half years old daughter due to a paralytic attack, when a heavy bag fell in front of her nose...Post retirement we have shifted from our service Bunglow in Colaba to a 2BHK in Borivali, 10 days ago...this transition from a ...
Here's my poem that I dedicate to all of you who have been wronged by the "world". Inspired by the people who know what it feels like to be part of an endless horror show.
Just a story out of imagination. Nothing is connected in anyways to real life character or life.
as the stick of death hangs between your lips,you decide you accept your burning fate.
I really feel sorry for those poor artists.We can not reward him big but at least we can help the poor in small sharing of [i][b]money from our pockets[/b][/i].
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