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Never Love a S T R A N G E R - Many times while walking alone in the wilderness or the breezy sea shore you come across another lonely gal or guy ..then what may happen see
HELLO Friends of Loverme I spent almost half a day reading my vast collection and your comments Hence this poem Do join me I bow to all tee
Loveliest folks have read me thanks To energize the human mind and keep it virile agile look at younger girls n guys
Here's a spiritual poem of romance with a slight spiritual warfare twist.
Belgrade guy one two or who Belgrade guy are you Tall beautiful and handsome he be The Belgrade guy
A relationship speaker speaks... I only intervene in order to be able to help teens....... young gals and guys.....But sad none listen till gals have insides burnt
Well I will answer two most pertinent Questions.(Answers all seek) Qs 1. “Why Me?” ... AND WHY NOT!!! DO YOU KNOW...QUESTION TWO NO Then read on
Facts of LIFE.....When you leave Lords you won't even know so burn up all your dough that's what I am doing ...all will as it is blow ...why not we do it our self also..Read on for more to knw
The Mirror...You stand right before me....in admiration of self emulated beauty the giggle is spontaneous and genuine...then you break down into a seeming reunion Just a sonnet
Teenager falls in love with a senile one...All hearts throb and the minds sing, Each one has one’s own melody, some hilarious ..others moody.Which one are you
Looking back over the last few years Wondering where my live has taken me
Marriage and divorce are the verse and obverse of the same coin...Thus the Western world so vastly independent remains ...two unknown get together for nuptials as it trains..
A million stars all at once..Your eyes can capture my love in a momentous moment who could ever so think
Mo Gra' Go Deo! When you find you're forever half!!
LOVERME WIKIS Author of the day....We must live ...having been forced out of the dark compact tight tunnel ...as long as it's bright and shining
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