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This fire, fast moving and insatiable, burns for him like no other.
I stumbled on a dream, Of Black feathers and poetry;
Only a great writer can recognize the diamond poet Ma'am Carol is such a one .how I wish there were many more .I would have churned the world of poetry like a kalediascope.
Came to know that you made one Girl friend. A friend was pulling my leg.... I said save the third one... He laughed as you all are now
Though everyday is a day for love, here's a romance poem scripted for the embracement of a holiday. Happy Valentine's to all!
I'm infatuated with archetypes. Here's a short park bench blues.
Sweeter than honey- Stronger than a lion My Love is sweeter than honey and of course me
Dawn i s just symbolic of life.... In other words each day is a new life. Now interpret it in your own unique way as usual
Dream all Lovers and Friends...Life is nothing but a long dream as if on a stage we ll are dancing
It is what it is! Live and let live. Just remember karma will never forget you, it may hide in the shadows for now, but it will eventually follow you and give you what you truly deserve.
Two veins poetry Totally diverse One goes many come they have yet to love
''GONE WITH THE WIND...''' When some one just wants to while in love then it's like.... ''GONE WITH THE WIND...'''
Greed is the biggest misery...This is the mainsaty of human weakness DISSATISFACTION GREED!!!!
A middle-aged Woman discovers that she have a lot of talents, as she begins her journey in a singing career. Poems that she speaks out to the public in the community. As she stands in front a crowd. Nervous and afraid. The crowd cheers for her.
Please O Poet Don’t Die.some say they will meet in heaven to satisfy their lust.....
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