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Marriage and divorce are the verse and obverse of the same coin...Thus the Western world so vastly independent remains ...two unknown get together for nuptials as it trains..
A million stars all at once..Your eyes can capture my love in a momentous moment who could ever so think
Mo Gra' Go Deo! When you find you're forever half!!
LOVERME WIKIS Author of the day....We must live ...having been forced out of the dark compact tight tunnel ...as long as it's bright and shining
It's your life friends. So live a life as you have no other viable option ...Think not of what others ..said or say live your life ..in your own imitable way
Famous film SINK THE TITANIC many have now asked what if the Producer had also saved Jack there was enough place in the raft
The pleasures of knowing so many love me Made me get up to post another lovely poetry Knowing you love me
Ooooo Wiki's’ Nut... Well sad this happens to be your last post here on Wiki please rethink all of you
I recall seeing a gal...eyeing her boyfriend..he looked at her too.she waved come over.In the WEST this is nothing new
Can’t Forget a Stolen Kiss...Kisses are never forgotten ....when they are first stolen all have stolen.Some minuscule are liars
Why marry diddle doooo A latest Western type concept get it afloat moderna genre is on coming upon
We Must Move On ....Remove pain to reduce suffering..... Lord Buddha's pragmatism
Will You Love Me Day After..As one ages love becomes to trail A guy a woman has suspicion will the other one continue to love ....
We all must read and comment The poets are spending time and imagery to make our lives happy Can't we at least thank them So do comment
No ego to devour...You all are not as young ....as I thought you would be... angels composing silently ..such exotic poetry Just a wee bit exotic slightly
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