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Just a view when it comes to cheating in a relationship.
An abstract spiritual nature poem. Rustic Liveliness.
Ancient thoughts of love and money are no more relevant seek thy inner self guys and gals..This poem deals with moderna love and money bliss
Romantic poet me..In all my life of about over 6 decades of poetry composition I have come to a single conclusion poetry just comes to those who have emotion sympathy and empathy those who are jealous and hate more can never become poets for sure You must love all poets of neo here ...
The night is always welcome ...particularly in summer, when the days heat must be abandoned for cooler moments and love one purses as as the moon comes above
I wonder if you still remember me....I have reached the zenith of poetry but thank Lords... I am no celebrity ...I still enjoy my anonymity ...don't pity It is lovely so many now LOVE ME!
Second two veins (as moderator is busy) Very few poets are about and those who read poetry are not about, to comment heavens know why
My very first creation of this concept. Eleventuple entendre.
Difficult to Part.....love has its own wide stride..We all must face realities of life...
A poem about a love affair that started quickly and ended just as quick.
What's your preference.Would you fall in love with a guy, as in this poem Or simply gulp, choke yourself and move on .
Roses are not only fragrant lovely colourful but roses give off love and energy to just about anyone those who love and even those who hate Roses are just beautiful like me
This fire, fast moving and insatiable, burns for him like no other.
I stumbled on a dream, Of Black feathers and poetry;
Only a great writer can recognize the diamond poet Ma'am Carol is such a one .how I wish there were many more .I would have churned the world of poetry like a kalediascope.
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