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Ma’am Carol AUTHORESS Thank you so much, Your walking down the carpet is more recognition than a few scentless cents
This piece of art is not as much as for my Poetrick -acumen as much as it is for Wikis tribute to our Lord Shiva who since the last seven plus years ..has read every one on my works--- each word Proof lies in the readings
Welcome poet All love to be welcomed I was always hounded even to this day But I clung on so never dismay ...gals and guys just love to PLAY many foul games
Must remember .We cannot forget passed loved associations... Hence our remembrance
Lead a simple life in anonymity ...you shall bask in self praise and glory... Even celebrities are unhappy.. so why worry be HAPPY!
Beautifully put across We are human and the only thing which is common.. is the aging effect with exception none... except by accident
A poem about the power of spring and the joy it brings
Continue in your walk..Continue your walk......Continue your walk Many stubborn ones will come to stop but you Continue your walk......
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