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Baseball's long history makes choosing the very best at each position a difficult exercise.
Left-handers are highly prized in baseball because they are rare and can often dominate left-handed hitters. But who are the top ten left-handed starters in Major League Baseball history?
Satchel Paige is considered by many to have been the greatest pitcher of the 20th century. With his flashy pitching style, aphorisms and maxims, he certainly was the greatest showman and the most entertaining sports personality.
An examination of the ,"Curse of the Bambino." What was it and how was it broken.
A personal opinion on the use of aluminum baseball bats vs. wooden baseball bats.
Here are 6 baseball puzzlers for you to solve. These are not trivia questions.
As he winds down his last season, Derek Jeter has won praise from so many in baseball. The New York Yankees' #2 is a Number One!
Young fans aren't embracing baseball. When he assumes office, new commissioner Rob Manfred must find ways to speed up play.
Is instant replay good or bad for Major League Baseball Baseball?
Everyone knows the story of Bill Mazeroski's famous 'sayonara' home run in the last of the ninth inning of the Seventh Game of the 1960 World Series, but there was a whole host of drama, some puzzling managerial moves, and one historic bad rap prior to Maz's historic drive.
Acme Baseball is no longer available to some high school students. Are other sports the reason?
In one of the most famous games in major league history, New York Giants rookie Fred Merkle made a blunder that guaranteed him immortality and haunted him for the rest of his life. Was this infamy fair?
Minor league baseball fans can watch the stars of tomorrow, shake hands with the mascot, and eat a hot dog without breaking the bank. Let's take a closer look.
The eighth and final game of the 1912 World Series was one of the most nail-biting, improbable, fantastic, and amazing ever! Not even the imagination of the most celebrated writer of fiction could have come up with a scenario like this!
Part Two of the unbelievable story of the 1912 World Series.
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