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Ken Griffey Jr., Mike Piazza and Trevor Hoffman should be elected to the class of 2016. The ballot remains crowded because steroid and PED users can't get enough votes to be elected yet garner enough support to remain on the ballot.
The World Series was once America's premier sporting event. But in the 21st century it fights an uphill battle to find its niche audience.
The sons of George Steinbrenner apparently don't have the same commitment to winning that "The Boss" had.
Baseball is played by too many important nations for it not to be included in the Olympics. If the IOC has anything close to 20/20 vision, then it will restore baseball for the 2020 Games.
Major League Baseball's surprising season has seen much of the standings turned upside down, embarrassing many of the so-called experts.
In 2015, baseball's most renowned team has retired three numbers. Over the years they have retired more numbers than any other team. Are they taking too many uniform numbers out of circulation?
No-hitters are fairly commonplace. Yet every time an MLB pitcher nears one, sports networks interrupt their regular coverage to give it as much attention as MSNBC lavishes upon Donald Trump.
Alex Rodriguez and his gaudy numbers are like a phantom back to haunt baseball yet again
Willie Mays usually gets more credit and respect than Henry Aaron. But Aaron was clearly the better player.
Henry Aaron, Johnny Bench, Sandy Koufax and Willie Mays won the fan vote. However, the vote was rigged by the ballot containing only eight names
Bud Selig's accomplishments and achievements were cited in "Bud Selig, Rating Him as Baseball Commissioner, Part One." In part two we will look at his failures and shortcomings.
Now that long-serving Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig has ridden off into the sunset, it is time to evaluate his tenure. His accomplishments and achievements will be given in part one of this article, and his failures, shortcomings and final grade given in part 2.
The ballot mixes pitchers and position players together. Also the choices are far too limited. But still it's a fun vote.
Pete Rose committed the cardinal sin of baseball, betting on baseball games including those of his own team. However, with a new commissioner in place, he at least now has a better than snowball's chance in hell of being restored to good graces.
A related article gave the greatest players at each position in MLB history. The runners-up were also great players.
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