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Here's a poem about an idea I came up with.
A short abstract poem of spiritual truth. The Light shall, indeed, return. The Lord is the Light.
A poem expressing my long running admiration of instruments and instrumentals. When I run across a blueprint that activates the Spirit, it's a great source of inspiration to spark my own creative energy. Glory be to God. Gratitude and thanks to all the instrumentalists who have had me...
A genuine love. The love that is so real. No second guesses.
A spiritual warfare poem of power. This new poem can generally speak for itself.
Here's a short poem embrace one aspect of nature and thoughts concerning.
My perspective of mammon in unjust imposition and such. The personification of mammon speaking. A spiritual poemof societal truth.
The higher you soar, sometimes, it seems the darker it gets. The persecutions gets tougher. All things become more complicated. But embrace what's light. What's right. And you'll still able to see in front of you.
An abstract poem of spiritual truth. To me, the spiral is just another word for portal. A portal into imagination. There are many great things in other world's.
A short poem that can generally speak for itself. God bless all readers and supporters throughout the years! Hope you enjoy!
Art.... One of the cornerstones of life. Here's a short poem about one particular concept.
Always keep a positive outlook on life. Always look forward to good things. That's the only way to live it.
A poem of art and truth. Ink is like a channel for every. Everything can be put on paper.
An abstract poem and story about a particular form of art.
Spiritual warfare is perpetual. Here's a poem that embrace one particular concept.
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