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I'm a morning person, I have been all my life, but there are times when I do want just five more minutes in bed.
What is wrong with me? I now the root of it is fear, which turns to insecurity. I hate it. I have to get past it somehow.
This poem pretty much sums up how it is for me. I write and write but very few people see it. After a while I begin to wonder if any of it makes any sense.
This writer has been very foolish at times during his long life. Did he learn anything from his foolishness though? Did he grow wiser from his mistakes? He became wise in some ways, but his basic underlying foolishness remains. He has never been able to lift himself far from this ...
This is a fictional poem about a man sitting in a diner enjoying coffee, pie and thinking about life.
A poem about noticing the little things and not letting the bigger things get to you.
This is a poem about silence. If we seek silence like we seek other things, might we then actually drive it away from us? Perhaps our seeking creates some noise? I hope my poem says something to you. Amongst its noisy words, there just might be a moment of silence, or two, for y...
I have decided to changed some small neaunces to my poetry. Hope you enjoy the changes/
We lose track of reality in of pursuit ideologies. It is still unclear what drives our mental state to choose stress over relaxation. Through our blatant pursuit to live in a virtual world we have failed to connect with our inner desires.
A poem about freedom and what it means. Read this poem if you need freedom in your life.
A poem about guilt and feelings that surround it. How can we deal with it? Read this if you need help.
Human beings are born far earlier than when they are ripe to be delivered. If they are retained inside mother body till sufficient growth, the child cannot come out due to large head size. So it has been arranged that they come out early when the head is comparatively small, and remai...
A poem about unfulfilled hopes and dreams. Goals that never were acheived and forever forgotten.
I sit thinking. Let's write a poem. Show what I can do. Excite the reader....
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