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My Prayer Give me that strength Oh! Heaven, to live up to the hopes of all humanity
Some things are too good to be true and some things are too good to be true.
God requests all... Kindly listen to JC he is abs abs right God looks after you when you are out of his sight.....RIGHT!!!!
Sole and soul pronounced the same way some attach importance some don't
Just a mixture of some poetry I wrote. Hope you enjoy it!
A walk in the countryside gets rid of the cobwebs, makes a person feel alive and happy. Like they have done something constructive with their day.
An old man walks in green fields and wonders where time has gone. It went so quickly he hardly noticed. So come and sit with him and see his life many years ago.
Once upon a time there were fields where children laughed and cried and played their games. As time rolled on the industrial revolution took away the the fields and woods near. then small towns and villages. As children grew old and were replaced by other children a new culture emerge...
A beautiful morning walk through idealic lands. Meadows, glades and forests greet him and he enjoys the surroundings. He misses nothing, beauty fills his heart as he makes his way.
Poetry For The Soul. From the heart it flowed and persists to be eternal.
We usually face so many situations where we have to choose between things. This is a poem of what we usually go through. The thoughts, the consequences, the struggle...just in simple lines.
These are four of my songs that address a favorite recurring subject of mine … change. Change is the only constant, it is said; and because of change, nothing else is constant.
I've been away from the platform, and I may not stay, but I wanted to share a couple of my writings from during my absence.
This is my second offering of unrelated verses, five poems that address the relationship of mind and environment, those blurry objects that keep drifting across our lines of sight, and the world inside the globe.
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