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This is a translation of the famous Book of Sand that focuses on the roots and cognates of the Spanish original. This book is of great interest to every bibliographer and to all students of esoterica the arcane.
The love between a boy and the house in which he grew up lasts a lifetime.
Why are all the children drawing the same thing? Only one man seems to know.
This is the final chapter of "A Vampire and A Dragon" and Zoey has just met the young girl that lives in the old stone house. Zoey is terrified and is sure that life is over as she knows it. She believes she will either be turned into a vampire or worse yet die.
Zoey has decided to hang up her spy hat. She's through with secret missions and vampires. To prove to her family that she was telling the truth she spent a leisurely day with her cousin Chloe and Duece. They played in the park and came home for lunch. After lunch they went out on t...
Zoey has given up on her spy mission. She's thrown in the towel. Her best friend Duece couldn't be happier. Life will get back to normal and there will be no more talk of vampires, ghosts or anything remotely like that.
Zoey is preparing for another night of spying on the new neighbors. She believes they really are vampires so she has taken certain precautions. She's wearing a garlic necklace and she's made one for her friend Duece. He's going on the mission under duress. At this point he thinks ...
Zoey is now convinced that the new neighbors are vampires. She's spent the afternoon making a necklace out of garlic. The whole kitchen smells like garlic and mom is starting to worry about Zoey's obsession with the old stone house.
Zoey, Duece, Mom, Chloe and Bernard ran for their lives when they left the Stone House. Mom finally got the bleeding stopped on Zoey's head. That bat had taken a nice little chunk out of Zoey's head. Now mom was afraid Zoey would get rabies. Zoey was in her room reading her spy nove...
The day has finally come. Zoey, Mom, Duece, Chloe and Bernard are walking down the street to the old stone house. They are going to welcome the new neighbors to the house. Bernard is carrying the cake that mom made. He also has garlic in his pocket just in case he has to ward off ...
Zoey's been home resting since her accident. She was starting to feel better and she had a new plan. She had her heart set on meeting the new neighbors in the old stone house. Her best friend Duece was up and walking again and her cousin Chloe was staying for the summer. Life was ...
Zoey's had a mishap which led to a trip to the emergency room. She's now home resting and her plans have gone awry. Something strange is going on at the old stone house and Zoey is determined to find out just exactly what that is.
Zoey's cousin Chloe is coming into town. Chloe is coming from Melbourne and is going to spend the summer. Duece is out of commission until the swelling goes down in his leg. Zoey is determined to meet the neighbors and find out what they are all about. She is going to enlist the he...
Zoey and Duece had a terrible night. They went to the stone house and had to run for their lives when Zoey stepped on a twig. They made it home safely and now they have to deal with the repercussions. Duece has a lot of explaining to do.
Zoey and her best friend Duece are in the midst of an undercover operation. They'd had a little mishap and Duece was limping along but they were almost at their destination. Zoey was determined to find out what was really going on at the old stone house.
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