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LitRPG is a sub-genre of fantasy and SciFi, where gaming is central to the story.
When Natalie Watkins meets Trace Daniels, a sexy, brooding vampire with a grudge, it’s love at first sight for Natalie. But when Trace’s past comes to light, Natalie feels betrayed. Seeking comfort from an old friend, it’s Trace to the rescue when he figures out the „old fri...
You go up in a hot-air balloon and fall asleep...when you wake up, you're in a strange new world.......
Buffy makes an angry wish against the Slayerettes in Season 3's 'Dead Man's Party' because they didn't forgive her for running out on them. It takes a drastic turn when she is vamped and finds that she can't change it. Will her friends ever get her back or is her hate for them real an...
Cassie is a mermaid princess who longs to be loved. When she meets handsome Ben, a merman, from another kingdom, she believes she has found true love. But when her father’s kingdom is threatened by a takeover, will it threaten Cassie’s happiness?
This is a brief introduction to the game. Information on my rosters will be on subsequent pages.
The second chapter sees Elizabeth remembering the mining town of Opalgem: how it looked like and the spartan life of the miners lived-the horror of the life in this town in the heart of the Australian outback slowly come back to her.
again the Goddess returns as the old year dies and new one arrives...again Her work as emissary of the Mighty One to aid mankind...and Words Her weapon be.... a very happy New Year to all of my friends here on wikinut...
This is not a stand alone article but the first chapter of a short novel which i would like to publish weekly. It is a fantasy narrative of a young girl from an opal mining town in outback Australia. The story begins with the main protagonist leaving the mining town to re-settle in t...
If you are a fan of superhero comics, then you will surely know about the competition between the 2 comic book publication giants, DC and Marvel Comics. Everyone will be excited to know both in terms of superiority and power, below are the real difference between DC and Marvel Comics.
Christophe never felt like he belonged in his family, especially since his mother didn't want him in the first place. So after staying a night at a friend's, he goes searching for something else.
Creatures need to behave in a way that appeases humans, otherwise they have no place with us on this here earth.
Just because somebody is a decomposed, rotted away buried corpse, doesn't mean they shouldn't come visit you and say hi from time to time, just to catch up. It would be rude not to.
This is part three and suggests that there is a part four to come.
This is a story about losing what you love and then going in search of it. This is part one.
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