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Eventually everybody you know are suddenly dead. Dead dead dead. What was the point you say? Well there was no other point other than that they lived and then died. It's the way it was designed. Living creature dies at some point. And now, Lassie is dead.
Vic Sotto, others mourn for the passing of comedian-actor Redford White, 54, who died July 25, 2010 and survived by his wife Elena, daughters Jerui and Jinky.
Why are executions carried out at night? It appears to be because of the issuing of a death warrant, rules, and regulations. Stanley Tookie Williams is a famous execution carried out at night
This is a dream squence from a depressive mind wanting the release of death but not quite taking that step. It's a silent call for help tthat many don't hear.
Where i come from (Africa), men do not cry. Okay they hardly cry from a certain age, there is this unspoken and unsubstantiated belief that males from a certain age must always keep a strong face, crying, wailing, pain are regarded as female actions. A pity as everyone should be able...
We all grow old, I have always wondered what I might think when I look at myself at a later age.
We are all saddened to learn of the passing of our Wikinut friend and Author, Joyce Singha. In having been away from Wikinut for a while, I have only recently heard this sad news. I have written this in celebration of us having shared a part of Joyce's life here on Wikinut.
Understanding death and the connections people have with loved one. An explanation of Etheric Cords and why humans have them. Understanding death is not the ending. Some people understand death is a purification of the soul and they know, when death is coiming for someone they love.
I lost an old friend this week and sought comfort once again in the ink of a pen and a blank piece of paper, I wish I could have written more into her life's story. I wish I had been a better friend.
When you get to the graveyard after the last breath...
These page may contain my most painful experiences but these experiences shaped me today. I accepted every experience, I have learned from them.
When we are young, death is seldom thought about unless someone close to us dies or we are suddenly faced with a horrific illness. As we grow older, we realize that one day we will die and perhaps wonder what our last days will be like.
A free verse poetry in memory of three dogs that came to my life.
Despite our fixation with human suffering, wars,oppresion and diseases,it is rare to see writers tackle the theme of death in their books.
The memories you have multiplied by the intensity of your love will determine how much grief comes when you experience a loss in your life.
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