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A poem about the thought of just walking away from the job and living a life of crime.
A poem written about a young lady I knew years ago who was living on her own and going through many ups and downs.
A poem about coming to the realization that you know exactly how she feels.
This poem describes the feeling that you missed out on the greatest love of your life.
A funny little poem about how crazy my imagination can be.
I now I call this a fictional verse but it is actually pretty damn close to the truth.
A poem about being in the moment just before falling asleep with someone you love.
A poem about being one of the worker bees. I think there are more of us than anyone can count.
A poem I wrote about a married couple who's relationship is failing but neither one of them is willing to throw in the towel and call it quits.
A poem about growing up in a small town, being young, bored and having religion thrown into the mix.
First date with love of Dani's life in, "To Dance with Ugly People."
A poem about being in love with someone who has a lot of baggage.
A poem that came to me after watching one of the many versions of a movie based on the novel Jane Eyre. Still trying to decide which movie version is my favorite.
here and there we can go when hunting through medley of words...a journey most sublime to take...from here to there and back again...like J.R.R Tolkien!!!!
The seventh (7th) part of an epic poetry in progress, inspired by a painting and true-to-life amazing actress who's career span more than 70 years over her celebrated life from 1902 to 1993.
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