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Mysterious lights were often seen in Newfoundland and usually before a tragedy.
Violets is a lovely flower in purple hues that grow wild in the woods. Children often pick and take home to their grandmothers or moms. Giants are something that live in the back of our mind causing us to fear the dark. Death is something that we all have to face and to be able to do ...
A story of revenge that is smeared with mayhem. At a time when a tired and unsecured nation was reeling from war, loss of it's leader in a land torn to shreds. There was another story, a story of a man time won't honor and honor shan't recall. A man who is as controversial as the assa...
This is about the meeting of two lovers who shared much passion in another lifetime. Now though centuries have passed they have been re-united to once again indulge their passion...enjoy...it is quite sensual!!!!!
It’s not known how the corgi came to be. It’s thought the Vikings brought them to Wales in 800 or maybe the Celts did in 1200 B.C. Either of these might be the case but the much more interesting theory is provided by Welsh folklore.
Today is the 450th birthday of Shakespeare the most prolific and fabulous writer of all time ...at least for me. He wrote of many things to illustrate all facets of mankind meant for all as a way of learning about themselves...just as I do...
It is known that pirates visited Newfoundland in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Many believed that some buried their gold and other treasures in some of the remote coves. Legend has it that a member of the pirate crew was always beheaded and buried with treasure to protect ...
The real story behind what is now called Sleep Paralysis!
It is a story about how people in Kenya meet for different reasons to celebrate their ethnicity
I write about the little people who occupy the woodlands of Newfoundland.
Legendary sea beings traversing the seas.......do you believe?
It’s said that it only takes one, singular moment in one’s life to define their future. What that moment might be is the crucial variant. But ultimately, how one handles that moment truly defines the outcome.
This page is about the lost city of Atlantis, a place which has fed the minds of people for many years. Brought to the publics attention by Plato the great writer and philosopher, people have been fascinated by this story ever since.
here's the summary of a humble romanian princess who is relative of the legendary vlad tepes, or vlad the impaler the ruler from romania.
Perumthachan was another son of Parayi who has been adopted by a carpenter. Following the tradition he too became a carpenter. He excelled in his profession and done many wonders. There are some structures even now in Kerala which are believed to be built by Prumthachan
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