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We are in the grip of a heatwave, which in England is rare. We need to take care of ourselves, our children, and all our furry friends. Read on to find out more.
A short story from the past that still haunts me to this day. I guess there are some things we never really get over.
Sometimes we think we are having a bad day, until we come across something that makes us realize that others have had it even worse! Andy and his friend Jeff discover that - soon enough!
Margaret wants to move after her husband dies, but how can she leave the home they once shared with all its memories? Read on to find out more..
An abstract poem of life, spiritual truth and a little romance.
(1/13/17) An abstract poem of abstract truths and free expression.
This is a short story of the unexplainable – tragedy and mystery on one side, and amelioration and wonder on the other.
Chloe has lost her love at Christmas, and she vows to make changes to her life in 2017. Read on to find out more.
A first person story about a close encounter of the spiritual kind.
There's a sweet old lady who lives across the street. All the kids love her but the parents are all kind of weary of her. Who is this Lady Erin?
The first day of Summer vacation begins for Blazer and his friends at New World Academy
Here is a very short story that celebrates the spirit of Halloween with the ambiance of nightmare, the suspense of anticipation, and the despair of helplessness.
My father was in a nursing home for a few years before he died there. Here is a write-up about one such visit that I made to visit him there. I spent more time that day chatting with another old resident of that home. Perhaps it was meant to be, because the next time when I visited,...
You take the metro and then something unexpected happens
Let us soar into and along the Light. Let us soar near the Light. Let us marvel at the Light.
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