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What is the difference between selfless love and selfish love? The first is based on separation, the latter--on unity. Of the many modalities of loving, agape (compassion) is the most refined and the most rewarding.
Rosie Sue meets a new friend on her way to school. Who is this new friend? Where is this new friend from? Why does she have to put him in her school bag? Find out by reading Invasion of the Ears.
The short story relating the journey of a young man who is returning home after years in college; to his home in the wheatlands of the Palouse country of southeastern Washington state.
Ann knew that one day Billy would leave home, but now the time had come and she wasn't sure she could cope with it. Read on to find out more.
A short story on the day I die and the council most high.
Here's an abstract poem of truth, light and clarity.
This is the unlikely tale of a master glass-blower, and his student. The student wanted to learn how to become a glass blower too. The teacher knew he was ready to learn, but still, his patience had to be tested first, in the fires of love. The story is about how our heart, our min...
Sometimes, revenge ain't appealing. It's just better to work yourself. Just deal with it.
Some of us, with the very best of intentions, get caught up into a spiritual cult. Our first aim in joining such an organisation was probably like Dave's one here was. Dave was tired of the old religions. Dave was trapped in his cult's web for a very long time. It was love that e...
At three times in his life, Alan had heard a particular song being sung. Each time this song was sung to him, it had stopped him dead in his tracks. He was rendered frozen, and inert by the unworldly beautifully sung song. Each time, it was sung by the same singer. In the end, Alan ...
I have written about John here on this site a few times before. This short story describes still another chapter in John's life for you. Unfortunately, as it turns out, it is about the last part of John's life. John's later years were spent mostly in seclusion, and sadly, he died tha...
This idea has its merits to fall where it will; but as to flying...you'll have to grow your own wings to do that.
This is part 201 of the Zen stories and here it tells of unseasonable weather and holing up in a tavern.
Bad twists can totally ruin a short story. Here are some of the most common bad twists that should be avoided.
Benny and Blazer go Frog catching on a hot Summer day
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