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The mysterious ghost ship The Flying Dutchman, recently brought back to fame by the Pirates of the Caribbean films is actually a long-standing nautical legend dating from around the 17th century.
This is the final part of the Boot Hill zombies and tells of the legend of the great zombie war in which the superheroes came to rescue Earth and where the cure came from.
In 1883, the new nickel continued flaunting the face of Liberty into the American consciousness, but because of its size and design, it also brought a plague upon the Federal Mint, causing it to shut down for a spell.
The Air Force and the world lost a giant of a man when the 9th Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force passed away in March. Rather than bask in a high paying aerospace job after retiring, Jim Binnicker poured his life and soul into hundreds of Air Force widows.
Many people enjoy a good legend or monster story. Many believe that these creatures really exist. Creatures like the loch ness monster and Bigfoot gained worldwide fame.
This is a long story and this part is number eleven and if you want more then you got to ask for it
Since St. Patrick's days is coming I am publishing an a conversation I had with my son when he was much younger. It shows living history is more than just a phrase.
The concluding tall tale legend of a house fly reflected in modern poetry from three contributing authors ergo Wiki.
I write a column for famous sayings and superstitions this one is about the weather
A recent investigation and discovery. Atlantis may have been located in southern Spain.
This is the first part of where I go looking for my lost friend in a terrible place where the left handed midget rules
This was found in a very dry place by a dusty old warrior doing his 40 days.
Many things live under rocks, and we can learn much by looking.
LSD paranormal researches investigate a haunted house in Franklin Grove IL
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