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As of December 10, 2015 Wikinut writers were informed that the website they loved so much would no longer be paying them. Why has this happened and where can Wikinut writers turn to make a few dollars online?
Attitudes Of Truly Happy People and some tips on how to be happier on a daily basis
Debunking the myth of defeat and bringing the quote about "Success is the ability to go from one failure to another without losing your enthusiasm" by Sir Winston Churchill into the limelight
This article examines what makes a fictional character likeable.
Rewrites can destroy your story and in this article I will explain the reasons why.
This article examines what is more important: Characters, plot or writing style?
Bad book covers can harm your book sales. This article offers helpful tips to prevent that from happening.
This article presents a list with inspirational and helpful quotes for readers and writers.
This article presents a list with helpful tips for writers who want to write non-fiction books.
This article presents important info about good story twists and ambiguous endings.
This is a list with types of articles and query tips.
To take care of business, take after these straightforward tips from the specialists at Consumer Reports.
A list with writing tips to help writers be more productive and write better.
This is an article with a list which contains the most useful mobile apps for writers and booklovers.
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